Mostal Solution

500 ml


Country of Origin: Jordan

A Jordan imported Product
Comes in a bottle of 50 ml
Contains spray nozzle and is easy to apply
Fast results- Mostal solution decreases hair fall starting from first week and starts stimulating hair growth. Visible hair growth after the fourth week of regular use


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  • Promotes thicker, fuller and healthier hair.
  • Get back to the hair you’ve always wanted. Mostal Solution is a fast acting and highly effective solution for reversing hair loss and increasing hair thickness in patients suffering from hair loss. Mostal solution has components like procyanidin B2 which is excellent to treat Hair fall. It not only controls hair loss but also stimulates new hair growth.
  • Mostal solution has an active ingredient called procyanidin B2 which occur naturally in apples and is one of the latest discoveries in Hair Loss Treatment. It effectively stops hair loss and stimulates new hair growth.
  • Procyanidin B2 is a natural substance extracted from apples, many studies have demonstrated its high efficacy
  • Procyanidin helps in hair cell growth to promote the growth phase of the hair follicle and inhibits the transition phase of hair follicle by inhibiting the activity of the enzyme called kinase.
  • It has a high safety profile.
  • Unique mostal components increase blood supply to scalp with soothing and refreshing effect that lead to improve scalp health
  • Mostal solution has multiple effects
  • Decrease hair fall to normal range
  • Increase hair density and thickness
  • Improve scalp health
  • Increase in hair number and hair growth
  • Increases hair diameter
  • Decrease Dandruff
  • It is highly safe and effective for both men and women
  • Convenient and at home treatment or prevention of alopecia (baldness)

How to Apply:

Apply 8 sprays in morning and 8 sprays in evening with soft massage.
Spray the affected area rub for 10 to 20 seconds with massage twice daily. (increasing the frequency of use increases the efficacy)

Aqua, alcohol, propylene glycol, Pyrus malus fruit extract (Procyanidine B2 1%, sodium citrate, citric acid.

Brand: McPharm International (Pvt).Ltd



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