Anantra Male
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Anantra Male


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Country of Origin: Greece


ANANTRA™ Male is particularly suitable for long-term administration.

The product is designed to promote male sexual function while contributing to an overall feeling of well-being.

ANANTRA™  ingredients are  suited to maintain normal blood testosterone levels, promote spermatogenesis and contribute to male fertility and reproduction.

> Promotes long-term healthy male sexual function
> Maintains normal blood testosterone levels
> Promotes spermatogenesis
> Contributes to male fertility and reproduction

ANANTRA™  box contains 28 film-coated tablets of 500 mg.

Available in more than 46 countries, Anantra Series is an internationally acclaimed product containing a blend of vital ingredients  & stimulants


It is a natural alternative with no side effects. It is safe for all type of patients (diabetic, hypertension, heart disease etc)

Dose: 1 tablet daily with warm milk or water.

2 reviews for Anantra Male

    kamran Leghari
    February 28, 2022
    Essential supplement to take, excellent results
    Reply from mod:
    Syed Kashif Ahsan
    February 27, 2022
    It will be beneficial for male relating sexual problem can diabetic hypertensive n ischemic disease patient can use
    Reply from mod:
    Yes you are right, it is safe to use for diabetic, hypertensive and heart patients since its a natural supplement, there are no contra indications.
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