skincare bundle offer
Skin Care Bundle Offer
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Skin Care Bundle Offer


Country of Origin: Jordan & UK

  • Aquax Cream (Moisturizer for Hydration)
  • Photoblock Plus (SPF 50+ Sunscreen with Anti Ageing Effect)
  • Aquax Whitening (For Skin Brightening with Moisturizer Base – Contains TGF-β)
  • Vita C Max (Natural Food Supplement for Fresh Skin Glow & many other benefits)


About the Bundle:

This bundle is specially designed to fulfill your skin care needs by introducing first time in Pakistan, Internationally acclaimed products straight from Jordan & UK, which are backed by latest research on quality skin care regime that does the miracle work for your skin without any side effect.


  • Aquax cream (Made in Jordan) is a perfect moisturizer for dry skin as it has two main ingredients, mineral oil and petroleum jelly. Mineral oil helps to give skin, the moisture it lacks, while petroleum jelly forms a layer on the skin to retain the skin moisture for a long period of time.


  • Photoblock Plus (Made in Jordan) is a great sunscreen with SPF 50+ protection from harmful UV Sun rays and contains “RonaCare AP”  which is a powerful antioxidant and gives proven results on enhancing your Skin’s natural defense against oxidation & many harmful environmental factors such as pollution.
  • Due to “RonaCare AP” long term stability & efficiency, it also gives your skin anti-aging effects and  prevents fine lines and wrinkles. It also improves acne prone skin.
  • Therefore, this feature is what makes it best sunblock cream from any other regular sunblock. The antioxidant molecule works at night on the skin to stop the reactions caused by the    sun that lead to skin problems.


  • Aquax whitening cream (Made in Jordan) is a highly effective skin whitening product against dull complexion. It penetrates deep into the skin and stops melanin production (the pigment that causes skin darkening). It has a 2 in 1 effect; it works as a best skin whitening cream and also a moisturizer.


  • What makes this bundles more unique than ever is that it also contains Made in UKVita C max” which is an effervescent – orange flavor food supplement that prevents oxidative damage and inflammation in the skin as well as the whole body & is a great defense against Skin hyperpigmentation. It makes our skin fresh & glow naturally. Apart from that it is a great immune booster that prevents against many diseases & has healing properties.


Get this essential Skin Care bundle in this Wedding season & give your skin the natural nourishment it needs.

Our Skin Care products have made it to the top favorites among leading dermatologist across Pakistan.



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