Delice Solution

500 ml


Country of Origin: Jordan

  • Suffocate the lice and nits by replacing oxygen and blocking its supply for lice
  • Pesticide Free- well known safety product
  • Odorless and non-irritating
  • Fast results from first use
  • Easy to use


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Delice solution has ingredients that are effective against getting rid of the lice.
It contains 92% dimethicone mixture which is the main active ingredient
Delice solution is safe and does not have any side effects because it does not have a chemical action against the lice.
It works by physical mechanism , the solution creeps deeply into the breathing system of lice, nymphs and eggs (nits) resulting in suffocation
It helps to get rid of 96% of the lice in only 10 minutes
It has a pleasant odor unlike the other lice killing chemicals and solutions
It does not irritate the scalp
Lice is common in infants, children. These are the parasitic insects that feed on blood from scalp. This condition is known as pediculosis capitis.
Delice is a fast and effective treatment for the stubborn lice
One application is effective against both head lice and nits
Does not contain any harmful insecticides
Product information:
One glass bottle contains 50 ml solution
Imported from Jordan
The bottle comes with a dispensing pump and a special comb
How to apply:
Spray delice on the hair and leave it for 30 minutes
After 30 minutes comb the hair carefully using the lice comb
Do not wash out, leave the hair to dry atleast 8 hours (overnight)
Wash out with normal commercial shampoo
After 8- 10 days re apply if necessary
92% dimethicone blend, mineral oil, caprylic/capric triglyceride and lemon fragrance
Brand: McPharm International (Pvt).Ltd


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