Aquax Cream
Aquax Cream
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Aquax Cream


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Country of Origin: Jordan

  • Excellent Moisturizer for dry skin
  • Help recover skin from damage and reduce inflammation
  • Improved white petroleum jelly without a greasy feel
  • Safe non-irritating effective moisturizing ingredients
  • Use as often as required


  • Aquax cream is a perfect moisturizer for dry skin as it has two main ingredients, mineral oil, and petroleum jelly. Mineral oil helps to give the skin moisture it lacks, while petroleum jelly forms a layer on the skin to retain the skin moisture for a long period of time.
  • It maintains the humidity levels of the skin.
  • It is formulated with special quality control measures and is a suitable skin damage cure such as skin dryness, eczema, dermatitis, senile pruritis.
  • It has a very high safety profile and can be used by anyone, kids, pregnant and lactating mothers.
  • A Highly effective moisturizer for dry skin. Also the best moisturizer for dry sensitive skin.
  • Best skin inflammation care product. Reduces the occurrence of inflammation on the skin in form of acne.
  • It is nonirritating on the skin.
  • Although it contains petroleum jelly yet it does not cause the skin to become greasy like any other cream containing petroleum jelly, available in the market, making the Aqua Cream the best lotion for dry skin.
  • This product comes in a very economical size i.e 150 g
  • It has high patient compliance.
  • Suitable to apply on hairy areas of skin.

How to Apply

Cleanse your face, dry it. Apply a layer of Aquax cream. As it is safe it can be used as often as required at night or during the day.

Active Ingredients In Aquax Cream

Mineral oil and Petroleum jelly

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When Should We Apply Aquax Cream?

As it is highly safe it can be used as often as required either during the day or at night. Preferably it must be used after washing your face when skin tends to dry up more easily.

Can Aquax Cream Be Used for People With Skin Problems?

Yes, It is a safe and suitable product for skin issues that are caused by skin dryness such as eczema, flaky skin, tightness, cracks, itchiness, and lines. Aquax Cream is by far the best moisturizer for itchy and dry sensitive skin.

Where Can I Buy Aquax Cream?

Aquax cream is available across pharmacies near you. Or you can easily get it delivered at home by placing an online order.

How Long Does It Take To Bring Results?

It is an instant moisturizer and provides the required moisture to the skin instantly after application.

What Causes The Skin To Become Dry?

There are several reasons such as age older than 65, health status, region, amount of time spent outdoor, exposure to hot or cold weather with low humidity levels, excessive bathing, not drinking enough liquids. All these reasons cause trans epidermal water loss from the skin causing dryness of the skin.

How Do I Know My Skin Type Is Dry?

Some signs of dry skin are skin tightness, dehydrated skin, peeling, flaky, roughness, redness, and fine lines and wrinkles.

How Can I Prevent My Skin From Drying Up?

You must use the best cream for damaged skin and dry skin, change your bathing habits i.e don’t take too hot showers and avoid harsh, drying soaps.

Additional information

Weight 150 g

2 reviews for Aquax Cream

    Marzia Khadija
    November 30, 2021
    Its very attractive product. I use it on my hands, face and feet to have a smooth skin texture at night and day. Its very useful product.Aquax cream leaves my skin soft, smooth and the best part is it like other petroleum jelly containing products. I will use it mostly on winter. I like it.
    May 19, 2021
    I have been facing the problem of dry skin since many years but now Im glad that i have found the solution. Aquax cream leaves my skin soft, smooth and moisturized and the best part is it does not have a greasy feel like other petroleum jelly containing products. I use it on my hands, face and feet to have a smooth skin texture at night and day. I have a patchy skin after I wash my face, because of the extreme dryness. By using aquax cream i feel it leaves a long lasting moisturizing effect on my skin.
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