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Skin Whitening Cream

Do Skin Whitening Creams Actually Work On The Complexion?

Skin is one of the largest and thinnest organs of the body. It has complex physiology. It is made up of  3 different layers. The outer layer is the epidermis. The middle layer is the dermis and the innermost layer is the hypodermis.

Each layer has cells and performs its own functions. The epidermis protects our skin from damage such as that from UV light or foreign particles and keeps our skin whitening in contact.

has melanocyte cells that produce melanin pigment causing tanning of the skin. The dermis has collagen and helps to maintain the structure of the skin. Finally, the hypodermis has fat cells called adipose tissues that store fat and provide insulation to the body.

Tanning Of The Skin

In the outer layer of skin, there are cells called melanocytes. When the sunlight (ultraviolet radiations) falls on the skin it activates the melanocytes. As a result, a pigment is produced called melanin. This pigment can either be dark brown or red/yellow. Therefore, in order to prevent this tan, it is important to wear sunblock as it absorbs and reflects backlight.

Hyperpigmentation & Its Causes?

It is a term used for a process in which the cells in the skin called melanocytes get super activated and there is an excess production of the skin darkening pigment called melanin. This activation of cells can be caused by reasons such as excessive sun exposure, skin inflammation or skin injury,  hormonal imbalances, drug abuse such as antidepressants, or certain medical conditions such as Addison disease.

What Helps To Remove The Tan & Brighten Up The Complexion?

Following a proper skincare routine that helps to remove the dirt, excess sebum, makeup residues not only makes your skin fresh and healthy but also brightens up the complexion.

This skincare regime must include cleansing your face with not a very harsh cleanser, moisturizing the skin with nongreasy moisturizer and finally applying a skin brightening serum especially one with Vitamin C as it is a natural bleaching agent and helps to remove the tan. However, this process is effective for the removal of temporary tan and for skin rejuvenation but does not have a skin whitening effect.

Role Of Whitening Creams?

Whitening creams can be a blessing in disguise for those who struggle to enhance their complexion. However, the formula and ingredients of the cream play a critical role. Some creams are so intense that they can have harmful effects on your skin.

It can lead to skin peeling off, acne and pimples, skin dryness, and eczema. Therefore it is important to invest in a cream that actually works for you and does not have any side effects.

What To Look For In A Skin Whitening Cream?

It is important to choose your skin creams wisely and invest in good creams because there should be no compromise when it comes to your face as it is your first impression to people. The goal of skin whitening cream should be removing the tan, removing the dead skin layer, stop melanin production in the skin, brighten up the skin without causing dryness or other skin issues.

Some of the ingredients that are good for the skin and helps to perform these functions are azelaic acid, ascorbic acid(vitamin C), hydroquinone, kojic acid, retinoids, peptides, and lipids.


In the market, there are several options available for skin whitening and brightening. Some are very pocket-friendly but unfortunately, there is a compromise on the quality of the product. It does brighten up the skin but is accompanied by acne, pustules, pimple, spots, etc. They do claim to have a brightening effect but does not warn us about the harmful effects it can have on the skin. Therefore, don’t fall for such creams and always perform a patch test before the application.

How Aquax Whitening Cream Stands Out Of All Whitening Creams?

Aquax Whitening cream is a product of internationally acclaimed, DERMA Co. from Jordan. The quality of this product is ensured internationally by skincare experts. It consists of peptides and lipids that penetrate deep into the skin and stops the cell that produces melanin pigment and darkens the skin.

It has a very high safety profile with no side effects. For this reason, it can be used for long term as often as required, it is safe to be used all over the body, safe for pregnant and lactating mothers as well. Also, it has a base of moisturizer so acts as a moisturizer as well. The best part is that having all these exceptional properties this cream comes in a good size at a very economical price.


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